Christianity has it wrong – YOU Are NOT Broken

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Traditional Christianity has it wrong.

We are not broken.

We are not fallen.

We are not flawed.

We are simply fragile.

We are beautifully distractible.

We are self-invested because of love, and that love gives us a slight bias toward justice.

We are so deeply invested in life that we can, at times, deny the larger good for the experience of the moment.

We are not broken.

We are human.

We are flesh and blood, and we are experiential.

Sometimes that makes us better. Sometimes that makes us worse. It never makes us less.

Or sinful.

Or unredeemable.

It means we are real.

It means that life has a relentless hold on us.

The struggles, the stumbles, the seemingly endless short-fallings simply point to our humanity not to our unworthiness.

They mean life is difficult — but they also mean life is vibrant, pulsing with potential, ripe with possibility, constantly presenting lessons from which to grow.


You are not broken.

You are a unique expression of God’s love here on Earth.

You are bursting with potential that has not yet been expressed.

You are God’s beloved.

You are NOT broken.

You are in process.


You are Love hoping to not only be expressed but to be recognized.

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