On the Limitations of Words [A Prayer]

Good and gracious God,

Sometimes our words
get in the way.

Sometimes we allow
our words
to be the full extent of our actions.

We say
that we love someone,
but our actions
can seem less than loving.

We say
that we would hate
to see anyone go hungry,
but we drive by
people who have little to eat.

We say
we worship
the Prince of Peace,
but we back violence,
and division
in far too much of our lives.

We say
we want to help
make this world
a better place,
but we continue to support
actions and policies
that make the world
a more difficult place
for far too many people.

Move us toward
a closer relationship
between our words
and our actions.

May our words
ultimately seem trite
and a bit meaningless
in comparison
to our actions.

May our love for you
shine brightly
through each deed
we do.

May that light
be an encouragement
to others
to do the same.

And may each small deed
be added together
as we begin to weave together
a world where all life
experiences your love.


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