Trump Aims to Deconstruct America

Shadow President Steve Bannon has said that one of the main goals of the Trump presidency will be to deconstruct the regulatory systems of the U.S. government. Basically, he is saying that the current administration has plans to render ineffectual or remove as many Executive branch agencies as possible. The main goal is to create a national environment that favors profit over conserving the environment or protecting the lives and livelihoods of U.S. citizens.

As the names rolled out of the Trump appointed heads of various departments, it seemed deadly clear how this agenda was going to be put into effect. Time and time again, Trump appointed heads of departments who basically stood over and against the primary reasons for the department. It was clear that the Trump/Bannon deconstruction would be an insider job where each department slowly deregulated itself over time until the U.S. found itself in a corporate free-for-all to rake in as much cash as possible without concern for the impact it would have on the longterm sustainability of the nation.

It turns out, their plans are much worse than that.

On Monday, March 13, 2017, Trump signed an Executive order on a “Comprehensive Plan for Reorganizing the Executive Branch.” After reading the order through, “reorganizing” is quite the misnomer.

The order seems much more interested in significantly weakening or completely removing many of the agencies that have kept corporate greed in check and that have promoted the general welfare of the American public.

Specifically, Section 1 of the order defines its purpose:

“ This order is intended to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability of the executive branch by directing the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (Director) to propose a plan to reorganize governmental functions and eliminate unnecessary agencies…, components of agencies, and agency programs.

The bolding of that quote is mine. I’ve highlighted it in order to underscore the audacity of this administration as well as what appears to be the main trajectory and purpose of this order.

To consider regulatory agencies, whose purpose is to protect the welfare of citizens, as unnecessary is to telegraph the administration’s true perspective on those of us who don’t resided in the top 10% of America. We are “unnecessary,” or if we are to give the administration the benefit of a doubt, we are irrelevant.

It is clear that Bannon is making great headway on his desire to “deconstructing the administrative state” in the U.S. But, what is much murkier is how he justifies it along with his belief that Capitalism in the U.S. should to rest on a “Judeo-Christian” foundation.

The reality is that the foundations of Judeo-Christian theology are built on hospitality, loving-kindness, and the care of all of Creation. Up to this point, the actions of the Trump administration and in particular the move to possibly eliminate many of the agencies that were established to insure the care and wellbeing of Americans are anything but Judeo-Christian.

The Trump administration isn’t just deconstructing the administration of our nation, they are deconstructing the very foundations and values upon which the nation was built.

The question that is left is, will “we the people” standup on behalf of each other and on behalf of those who have gone before us and demand that the core values of this great nation remain intact, demand that these agencies which protect us all continue to not only functions, but robustly function?

Or, will we play fiddle as the nation burns?

One thought on “Trump Aims to Deconstruct America

  1. I don’t so much disagree as think that we have to address this phenomenon more broadly. Americans like the idea of less distant bureaucracy — think even of Wendell Berry, who promotes the idea of care for neighbor, and local, human sized economies. People aren’t paying attention to what the corporations want to get out of it, but I think that’s where the danger lies. Americans will go along with Bannon’s ideas intending one thing, but the result may be quite different. Bannon may be less the greedy operator and more the dangerous romantic. He’s simply found in Trump someone he can work with on his way to an aryan feudal paradise.

    What this means isn’t merely repeating “love thy neighbor,” — people may think they’re doing that by voting for less bureaucracy. They want their neighbors to have well-paying jobs, not food stamps. I’m not saying they are right in their prescription, only that we can’t ignore what they’re actually saying. They are also afraid — afraid it is no longer possible for everyone — they, their neighbors, their country — to live in peace and prosperity and the rest of the world to do the same. So they are making choices based on their ideas about scarcity.


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