What the Resurrection Means to this Progressive Minister

We live in a world where those things that are dead, stay dead.

But, that couldn’t be further from the Gospel message about Easter. The Easter story teaches us that where the is Love… there are no endings.

Death is never final.

Hope is never lost.

There is always a new way, a new path, a new life.

It teaches us that the oppressive systems of this world do not stand a chance against Love.

It teaches us that you cannot nail Love down – we tried that once and it did not work.

We need to be reminded to not just get caught up in the story that happened back then, a long time ago. We need to see that while it IS a story from way back then, it is ALSO a story that is possible in every moment of our lives.

We need Easter to remind us that we need the Resurrection in our lives.

Easter should remind us that we are called to live resurrected lives.

You see, Easter is not just about Jesus; it’s about us; Easter is not about death; it’s about life. Easter is not about the past; it’s about the future.

It is not just about the story of a Resurrection that happened then; it is about the resurrections that are happening now.

Ultimately, Easter is about how hope breaks into a world that can seem overwhelming and oppressing. It is about how hope can and will overcome death – and not simply actual death but rather the metaphorical deaths that confront life every day.

It is about how those deaths aren’t the end of things but the beginning of things. It is about how we only think they are the end of things because we set up in our minds our own idea of where we are going, what things look like, what they should be like.

We get stuck thinking hope is born in knowing where we are going rather than acknowledging that hope is not knowing where we are going, but rather knowing that Love leads the way.

With Love, death is never final.

With Love, hope is never lost.

With Love, there is always a new way, a new path, a new life.

2 thoughts on “What the Resurrection Means to this Progressive Minister

  1. Nicely stated, Mark. May I quote you in my impending book, “Love’s Resurrection: its power to roll away fear’ s heaviest stone” in my final chapter?


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