Letting Go of the Need for Power [A Prayer]

Good and gracious God,
In a world where
power and might
are, at times,
valued above all else,
we find ourselves
painting pictures of you
as the most powerful
and the most mighty.
We begin to believe
that in all things
you come
with power and might…
and because of it,
we miss seeing you.
We miss seeing you
in the eyes of a child,
in the stumbling gate
of a grandparent,
in the outstretched hand
of someone in need,
in the dew on the petal
of a freshly bloomed daisy,
in the meek and the mild
and the peaceful.
Teach us to let go of our
less than caring need
to value power and might.
Call us back the one true power –
Create in us a space
for love to grow
and for compassion
to be it’s companion.
Help that love and that compassion
grow us in ways
which move us toward
the unexpected places in life
where we will find you.
May we learn to trust
so fully in you
that we no longer need
the thing the world values
because we are so fulfilled
in the love and grace
you give us
and inspired to share it
with others.

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