On Love and Fear [A Prayer]

Good and gracious God,

We don’t like to think
that anyone other than ourselves
is in control of our lives.

But we do recognize
that we allow too many people
to shape our lives
even though we are called
to live into the people we truly are.

We know how you ask us
to relate to each other.

We know you call us
to love each other
at all times
with no exceptions
in all situations,
but we let something
not as strong as love,
control us
it seems more immediate,
it manipulates our need to fit in,
it plays on our hope to achieve,
it toys with our desire to have
the things this world claims matters…

we let fear control us.

Fear of what others will think.

Fear of what others will say.

Fear of what others will do.

We sometimes let fear control us
so much
that we fail
to step up,
to speak up,
to stand up,

when it really matters…

not just for ourselves,
but with others as well.

May we more fully learn
the power of love,
and the strength
of a community
that shares that love.

May we be more aware
of the times
when we give into fear
and, in those moments,
may we be inspired
to share more love,
particularly with those
who experience the most loss
because of the world’s willingness
to put power, prestige, and privilege
above people.

In short,
may we learn
to love –
at all cost.

And may we learn
that no cost
is too great
to have love.


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