This I Believe [My Statement of Faith]

I believe that the fullest expression of God comes in how we treat others.
Particularly the marginalized.

I believe that “God” is known by many names.
No religion has exclusive rights for naming God.

Human intellectual limitations prevent us from “seeing” the fullness of God.
We can, however, see the results of humanity expressing God:
Love, peace, hope, forgiveness, grace, inclusiveness, justice, equality.

God surrounds us, is in us, is in others, and connects us all.

“God” is not a name;
it is a label that points to that which we do not fully understand.

I believe that the life and teachings of Jesus show us how to express God in our lives.
For me, the teachings of Jesus are the most instructive in expressing God.
Others have also taught about this.
It is beneficial to be instructed by them as well.

In Jesus, we see what a life lived expressing God looks like.
A key part of it is lovingly confronting abuse of power.
Doing so cost him his life and showed us how far love will go for justice.

I believe that we experience the movement of God on a daily basis throughout Creation.
Frequently, we call that movement the “Holy Spirit.”
It is given to doing its own thing and should not be taken lightly.

I believe that belief alone is not enough.
Belief is meaningless without action.
How that action benefits Creation is the surest indication of its validity and value.

I believe that your theological outlook should be constantly changing.
If it’s not, you aren’t taking it seriously enough.

Creeds and dogma betray this reality when taken at face value.

Belief should be informed by sacred texts, spiritual leaders, and life experience.

All “Statements of Faith” should be continuous works in process.

This, I believe.

3 thoughts on “This I Believe [My Statement of Faith]

  1. Thank you for this. You have no idea how this has touched me. Now I can stand and say I am this kind of Christian. Period. Your words are enough 🙏


  2. Whilst struggling with the Trinity and Atonement, and struggling to find anything out there that embraces / accepts / explains those struggles, reading this provides some hope of sanity.


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