Being a Follower [A Prayer]

Good and gracious God,

Far too frequently
we find ourselves
taking on the moniker
of Christian
but not following through
with the behavior
which should accompany
that name.

We gossip
about our neighbor.

We dispense judgements
against those who are different
from us.

We leap to negative conclusions
about others
when their behavior
doesn’t match
our expectations.

We turn a blind eye
to those in need
when it seems
too inconvenient or costly
to respond to their need.

In short,
we do the opposite
of what Jesus
would have
done –
and, yet,
we wish to be known
as his followers.

Help us become
better followers.

Continue to grow in us
a love that knows
no limits
or boundaries.

Open our eyes
to the depth of grace
extended to us
and inspire us
to extend to others
that same kind of grace.

May we live lives
that are known
for their love
and for the way
they actively pursue
sharing grace
with every person
we meet.


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