Pentecost [A Prayer]

God of all nations and peoples,

We come before you
rejoicing in many languages.
We give thanks
for the movement of your Spirit.

And even as we do,
we confess that sometimes
we fear the Spirit
and its proclivity
for being
and down-right unconcerned
with what we want
or how things have always been done.

The thought of a God whose Spirit
stirs things up,
not to mention stir us up,
leaves many of us uncomfortable.
The thought a Spirit
that’s not interested in the status quo,
with how things are,
how things have been,
or even how we want things to be,
leaves most of us feeling
and somewhat uninspired.

In the moments when it
gushes, pushes, and challenges us
toward the unknown,
we would often rather cling
to comfort and the familiar.

Forgive our hesitations,
and renew in us
the ability in us
to live in the Spirit.

Move us beyond
boundaries of language and nationality
into your endless and extravagant love.

In this world,
so in need of forgiveness, peace, and healing,
lead us to those
who overcome fear,
who offer messages of hope,
who practice your infinite graciousness.

Forgiving God,
let the winds of forgiveness
blow through our souls –
that we might know,
deep in our bones,
that you love us
and all the world,
you call us be afire
with a reflection
of that love for all.


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