Living in the Moment [A Prayer]

Good and gracious God,

we get so caught up
in planning the future
and remembering the past
that we miss opportunities
in the here and now.

Rather than focusing
on the realities
of now,
we concentrate
on skewed memories
of what was
or hopeful projections
of what could be.

Call us to each moment.

Keep us aware
of how the past informs them
and remind us of how,
when stitched together
in just the right way,
they can create a better future.

With your encouragement,
never let us gaze on
the past or the future
so steadily
that we lose the opportunity
of following you
in each moment.

inspire us to honor our past
by carving out
new and creative futures
through the choices we make
each day.

Call us to each moment.

Encourage, embolden and empower us
to have the perseverance
to follow you
even if following
sometimes makes us feel
or unstable
simply because
we are uncertain
of where
are leading us.

Teach us to prize
the journey
and the time spent
with you,
trusting you
as we more
fully embrace
each moment…
and follow.


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