Destroying Nike Sportswear is a Fake Protest Over Fake Outrage

Is this really what we’ve come to?

A bunch of conservative white folks with enough money to buy sportswear that’s overpriced because Nike put their little swoosh logo on it are protesting Nike’s selection of Colin Kaepernick as the face of their “Just Do It” campaign by cutting off the swoosh logo or burning products which they have already purchased for far too much money.

That’s right – stuff they have already purchased.

It’s basically a fake protest. Call it misplaced violence, a need to be destructive, or some other form of allowing primal instincts to overrule logic and intelligence, but one thing is for certain: it is poetically perfect considering what they think they are protesting.

They believe that NFL players who take a knee during the national anthem before a game, like Kaepernick did, are disrespecting the flag, the nation, and the folks who have served in the military defending it. They are outraged by it.

Only, that’s not what Kaepernick and other NFL players are doing.

Initially, Kaepernick began his protest by simply sitting on the bench during the anthem. The first few times he did it, it went unnoticed. After a few games, a photographer noticed and asked him about it. Kaepernick made it clear that he was protesting the oppression of people of color in the U.S., particularly when it came to police brutality. It’s a horrifying yet undeniable reality.

As if that didn’t make it clear enough that this protest wasn’t about the flag, the nation, or the folks who served in the military, Kaepernick talked to a former Green Beret who also had been a long snapper in the NFL about how to honor the military during his protest. They decided that taking a knee would be the best approach to protest oppression and still honor the military. Part of the reasoning was that taking a knee is how military folks sometimes honor fallen brothers and sisters.

So, their outrage is a fake outrage – just like their Nike protest.

How perfectly poetic (albeit, unintentionally so).

This is white privilege amped up on amphetamines that have been washed down with a Starbucks venti pumpkin spice latte with eight shots of espresso.

You probably won’t be surprised to read that many of the folks perpetuating this fake protest about their fake outrage over a very real and very important issue believe themselves to be Christians.

As a minister, I have to admit, I find it very confusing trying to understand how they believe that faking outrage over a group of people who are standing up for equality and justice (and, quite frankly, love) can, in any way, be considered a Christian thing to do.

This isn’t complicated.

The implication of calling yourself Christian is that you follow the teachings of Christ, the teachings of Jesus. Over and over again, Jesus promoted love, and stood over and against folks who used their power to oppress others. It seems to me, that’s exactly what Kaepernick is attempting to do.

This fake outrage isn’t Christian. It’s racist.

It isn’t patriotism. It’s a deep seated desire for a white, totalitarian state.

It isn’t love of anything. It is hate.

6 thoughts on “Destroying Nike Sportswear is a Fake Protest Over Fake Outrage

  1. Are you kidding me?? People burn flags that they must have purchased when they want to protest. But when someone burns a swoosh it is all of sudden crazy? I must be missing something here…the swoosh is more holy than the flag?


  2. how is this a white tolatarian racist thing? You are a typical radical left wing hate lying site. I will not burn my nikes, but I am done buying them. So you can have your opinions but I being white cannot have my opinions without being racist??? Typical double standard liberal…it’s only free speech as long as “you agree with me”. What a joke


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