Bringing Justice [A Prayer]

Good and gracious God,

Rescue us from our self-importance.

Pull us from the depths
of our short-sighted selfishness.

Remind us of the interconnectedness
of life.

Convict us with the reality
that a threat to justice anywhere
is a threat to justice everywhere.

Inspire us toward lives
lived out for others —
lives that persistently shout
from the mountaintops,
“You will not harm him,
You will not take advantage of her.
I demand justice.
We demand justice.”

May we continue to become
modern day John the Baptists,
shouting out into today’s deserts,
which are so unnecessarily littered
with the pitfalls of the powerful –
may we shout out into today’s deserts
calls to lower the mountains that divide us,
calls to raise us the valleys which entrap us,
calls to make straight
the sometimes crooked ways of the powerful,
and calls to make smooth
the rough patches of life
that can sometimes bury those on the margins
underneath the unbearable knowledge
that profit and power and prestige
seem to be more important to the world
than their own dignity
and that the unique reflection of God
found in them
is somehow
less valued
than others.

May we be the bringers of justice.
May we be lights on a hill.
May we be salt unto the Earth.
May we be harbingers of justice,
voices for equality,
God’s love
for a world in need.

May we be your people –
and may we act like it,
bringing peace and love and justice
to all of your Creation.


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