On a Genderqueer God

Naming God is difficult at best, divisive even in its mildest form, and can be thought of as sacrilegious at its worst. I was confronted squarely with this reality as I entered divinity school. I can only begin to tell you how excited I was to be accepted into divinity school at Wake Forest. I … Continue reading On a Genderqueer God

Dear Christian, Vote for Love

Have you ever wonder how an all-loving God condemns LGBTQ folks to hell? It's something I call the “I'm Special Confirmation Bias.” There's nothing like taking a group that the Bible is mostly disinterested in (7 or fewer verses out of more than 31,000 verse) and turning them into one of the most vile groups … Continue reading Dear Christian, Vote for Love

Naming the “Nashville Statement” What It Is: Hateful Extremism

  Let's stop beating around the bush. This is not a time to play “nice”. A national coalition of more than 150 U.S. Evangelical leaders released a statement Tuesday entitled the “Nashville Statement”. They claim the statement is a reflection of God's will for humanity on the question of human sexuality. It is not. The … Continue reading Naming the “Nashville Statement” What It Is: Hateful Extremism