Jesus the Activist

(Author note: From time to time, as my theological perspectives change, I revisit articles that I find important and give them new life with a new perspective. This is one such article). I have an article that I wrote about 4 years ago that is making its way around social medial again. The title of … Continue reading Jesus the Activist

Easter – A Call to #Resist

[Part two of my Easter blog series. For part one click here]. The Christian Easter story has its roots in Jewish Passover – the annual commemoration of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt to escape a repressive, enslaving government. That's the setting of the Easter story. Jerusalem is teaming with an influx of folks … Continue reading Easter – A Call to #Resist

Holy Week is More Political than Most Christians Think

This past Sunday, in many Christian churches, there was quite a bit of pomp and circumstance. Many probably had processionals led by the children waving palm branches – an enduring sight, to be certain. Ministers talked about the large crowd that gathered and how Jesus rode into town on a donkey (just like kings used … Continue reading Holy Week is More Political than Most Christians Think